Health Guarantee

Participate in our healthy dragon program and get a 6 month health guarantee!

Unfortunately, we don't offer a 6 month health guarantee to everyone who buys a baby dragon unless they're responsible enough do their part.  You would think everyone would want to participate and give their new babies the best of everything, but this isn't always the case.  

Let us know if you would like a 6 month conditional health guarantee before or when your dragon and send required info by text or email to  We recommend sending all info in advance just in case you need to change or adjust something. 

When your dragon arrives, please take a picture of the baby with your phone and send it to us.  
Use either a Zoo Med Reptisun 10 LINEAR T8 or T5  fluorescent UVB bulb at least 50% the length of the cage, Zoo Med PowerSun 100w or 160w UVB, or Solar Glo 125w or 160w only.  If you purchase a Zoo Med Kit or Exo Terra Kit, neither one comes with an acceptable UVB bulb to participate in the health guarantee.  You must show proof of purchase for the new UVB bulb and provide a picture of your setup. Establish the proper basking temps of 100ºF to 110ºF and have a distance of 8" to 12” from a fluorescent UVB bulb or 12" to 18" from a mercury vapor bulb, must use a thermometer with a probe in basking area or use laser temp gun to measure temps.  Keep lights on for 12 to 14 hours per day and always allow your dragon to bask for at least 2 hours after eating.  A night time bulb is NEVER recommended unless the temps drop below 65ºF during the night, then a ceramic heat emitter is best.
The following UVB bulbs will void our health guarantee from day one.  Any Exo Terra Repti Glo compact fluorescents, all Zilla Desert compact and t5 linear fluorescents, any Zoo Med compact and mini compact fluorescents, or any UVB bulb not on the accepted list or pre approved by us. 
Do not to use any loose particle type substrates on the bottom of the cage, including sand, for the first 6 months, only tile, paper or cloth towels, news paper, or non sticky shelf liner is acceptable. 
Must feed a variety of the correct size live feeders appropriate to the size of the dragon.  Only crickets, phoenix worms, silk worms, horn worms or dubia no bigger than the space between your dragons eyes for the first 4 months.  No superworms and absolutely NO meal worms. Always provide staple greens high in calcium and low in phosphorus and oxalates, this includes collards, turnip greens, mustard greens, endive, escarole, alfalfa, dandelion greens, hibiscus leaf, mulberry tree leaf, kale, butternut squash, and cactus pad.  No spinach or romaine.  Use the right calcium supplement for your lighting, with D3 for fluorescent, no D3 for mercury vapor.  No mealworms ever or large super worms for dragons under 14", small super worms can be fed in moderation as a treat for the first 
To prevent dehydration, you must bathe your dragon weekly and offer water daily to baby and juvie dragons under 3 months old. Spray greens or squirt with water to keep fresh and add moisture, you can also dip live feeders in water if you feel it is needed.  If a baby doesn't eat for a day or two, it must be given electrolyte fluids to prevent dehydration.   All our babies are trained to drink water from a dropper and will drink when it is dripped on their noses, just be patient if your baby doesn't drink right away.  Wrinkly skin is the easiest way to determine if your dragon is getting dehydrated.
When babies under 3 months old are in shed, be sure to offer water or electrolyte fluids daily and make sure they drink!  When dragons are in shed, their bodies need extra water to push the old skin away and spraying or soaking isn't always enough. Never pull shedding skin off of your dragon, especially babies under 3 months of age.  Removing shedding skin before it is ready will cause rapid dehydration an could result in kidney failure.  
All dragons over the age of 3 months must be housed separately to avoid nips or injuries from another dragon unless you are keeping females together. Males all must be separated after 4 months regardless. 
We will need regular updates, every day for the first 5 days, every week for the first 4 weeks, then every 2 weeks for the next 8 weeks, and every month for the last 3 months.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you feel concerned or unsure about your dragon at any time.  
With your daily updates for the first 5 days, please include a pic of the dragon.  Also, please let us know if your baby doesn't eat within 24 hours.
Handle your dragon daily and give it the attention it needs to become a friendly, sociable animal, their well being depends on good human interaction.  
Before the last month, we would prefer you go to the vet for a check up, or a fecal sample can be sent to us so that we can check for internal parasites.  Most baby dragons will show pinworm ova in their stool, this can be treated safely and effectively with one or two doses of Panacur dewormer.  
Any dragon that makes the slightest noise while breathing, popping or coughing, should be taken to a vet immediately to rule out the possibility of a respiratory infection. Do not keep your dragons enclosure in any area that may have a draft from air conditioning.  
If a dragon stops eating and becomes lethargic for any reason within the time period, we must be notified immediately of such behavior and will need a 24 hour review of the dragons activities and its complete housing setup with temps and lighting information.
Notify us of any behavior that is abnormal or unusual as soon as you notice something is different. If we are on top of the situation, we will be able to assess if there is a problem that can or cannot be fixed. 
You must also promise to seek the care of a vet if your dragon is injured or hurt in any way.
Terms & Conditions:
By accepting your participation in the healthy dragon program, we agree to replace any dragon that does not thrive under optimal circumstances with a
new baby of equal or lesser value, pending availability. There will be no refunds, only credit towards a replacement if one is not available at the time.
 Shipping costs cannot be covered as a part of this guarantee, however, we may be able to offer a discounted rate so that you are not paying full retail price.
 This guarantee does not cover vet charges, medical treatments, medications, or parasites, internal or external, of any kind.
 We cannot guarantee personality disorders or temperament problems for any dragon that has been out of our care due to mishandling or cruel treatment.
 Neglect of any kind will not be covered and will not be tolerated if we feel for any reason has something to do with a dragons ill health.  
Dehydration can happen easily with smaller dragons and can be fatal if not prevented, this is the most common form of neglect.
 Nips or injuries are not acceptable, if you choose to house your dragon with other dragons, you must do so at your own risk.
 Any dragon that does not survive due to an untreated infection or illness will not be covered. Upper respiratory infections are difficult to detect and can be fatal if left untreated.
 Of course, it will be up to us and a full review must be done in any situation that may require any action on our part to fulfill this guarantee. 
Any dragon treated by a vet for an injury or illness must provide a vet diagnosis for our review.
 Discounted dragons due to predetermined conditions will not be eligible for the program.  If you are interested in fostering "special" dragons that may not be perfect, please feel free to contact us by email, text or facebook.  Every so often we may have a disabled or deformed dragon with a strong will to live and would love to find a forever home for shipping costs only.
To qualify for the 6 month health guarantee, you must provide pictures of all the requirements before you receive your dragon.
Health guarantees are not available on wholesale dragons
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