Breeder Pics

Female Breeders (Dams)

Solay - Citrus Double Het Audym (Trans Maya x Spyke) x Demyn (Hypo Citrus Red) 
Solay produces some of the best growing babies ever with super intense colors that get brighter with age.  She is a very bright patternless yellow with no orange dragon that looks hypo, but has dark nails.  She is 100% het trans and throws yellows, sunbursts, tangerines, and oranges.  Her temperament is very mellow and care free which passes on to her offspring like the others.

Solay - Citrus double het - Audym x Demyn

Dheyy - Hypo Tang out of Diyva x Demyn pos het Trans (Diyva - Red het hypo pos het trans - Demyn - Citrus Red Hypo draggintails Ostara x BB) .  Dheyy produces big, fast growing babies that have wonderful personality and calm temperaments.  Her sire, Demyn, was one of the most comical, yet friendly dragons on the planet and she looks exactly like him but much bigger. These bloodlines have color that starts out yellow and intensifies to deep sunburst or tangerine orange.


Sires - Males

Maxx - hypo snow / leucistic het translucent male Sire:  Thad (Yellow Room Arwin x Caesar)   Dam:  Nylla leucistic hypo (Rio Reptiles)
Maxx's babies are very robust, fast growing, big eaters that end up with thick bodies and short wide heads.  Their temperaments are some of the best, all very friendly, cuddly, and love to be held all the time.  He comes from the same bloodlines that produced our own hypo trans stripes like Niyon and Thor.





MaGyver - Red Leatherback Double het Trans & Hypo from Gina Gauvin's Inferno Line
This boy throws a rainbow of colors along with leatherbacks and translucents, he is a funny dragon and runs around like he's a human.  He can escape pretty much any cage, so we let him run around the house and hang out on the back porch in the Florida sunshine where he's king of the rock and all the girls bow to him.

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