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Many people wonder what determines quality and how a dragon is priced, we will do our best to help you understand.

A Note about Nips -   The number one reason babies get nips is because of one or two culprits in their clutch who think toes and tails are food.  These babies are very difficult to isolate and may bite several of their siblings before they are discovered.   It is very frustrating, but it happens to the best of breeders no matter how well they care for their babies.  It seems to happen most when they reach a certain age, yet their tiny limbs are too small and end up losing circulation.  Nips do not affect their overall health and the dragons don't even notice once they are healed up.  Most breeders will discount babies with nips, so it's a good way to get a super nice dragon at a super low price.  

Pet Quality - A few dragons from each clutch that are nice and healty, but may not be fully saturated or show vivid color tones.  Many may be het for hypo or translucent and come from high color lines, so it doesn't mean they cannot produce exceptional offspring. For snows or marketed leucistics, they may not be pure white and show some orange or yellow on the head or in the body coloring.

Breeder Quality - The majority of our clutches are within breeder quality range, either very good color tone and saturation, genetic morphs or hets for hypo, trans, hypo trans or leatherback, with good to very good color tone and saturation.  For snows and marketed leucistics, the less color the better, a nice off white or very creamy greenish or yellowish with super light grey side bars is desired, as these colors will fade to pure white as adults. 

Holdback Quality - Several of the best breeder quality dragons that breeders hold back because of color or morph, may not look collector quality, but have bloodlines and the ability to produce exceptional offspring. 

Collector Quality - One or two dragons from each clutch that are exceptional in color tone and saturation, or a rare morph such as hypo, trans, hypo trans, or leatherback with intense vivid color.  In the case of snows or marketed leucistics, the absence of coloring is more desirable, a high quality snow or leucistic should be void of yellows and oranges but may have a slight creamy greenish/yellow tint to the base coloring which is more desirable than a grey or light brownish tint..

 We set prices with a starting point that depends on base quality , then determine if multiple qualities make it more valuable or rare.

Pet quality babies start at $60 up to 2 months of age, then will be offered at $75 to $85 as they grow.  If they begin to color up late, they may become breeder quality and increase in price accordingly. 

Breeder quality  babies start at $75 to $150, depending on color, sex, size and morph, up to 2 months of age, then may increase in price if they begin to color later.  Females will be slightly higher than males, hets will also be slightly higher than non hets, as well as hypos, trans, hypo trans or leatherbacks.  After 2 months of age, prices could be from $100 to $200, the more genetic mutations and color, the more valuable and rare.

Holdback quality babies and juvies will start at $125 to $200 as they are the best of the breeder quality bunch and will become collector quality or be able to produce offspring of exceptional quality.  We usually hold back several dragons and will sell the ones we decide not to breed the next year.  These dragons are usually juvies to sub adults and sell very quickly.

Collector quality babies, if offered for sale, will start at $200.  These dragons are usually kept as hold backs for our next years breeding stock and will rarely be offered for sale. 

We also retire breeders from time to time and will offer them for sale to non breeding homes only.  Retired breeders start are usually in the $125 to $175 range.

Before a clutch goes up for sale, we can take names to go on a waiting list.  Once the babies become available, we will go in order of when the names were taken, first to last.  We will also take a $50 deposit to reserve a dragon, anyone giving a deposit up front will get priority over the waiting list..  Once their decisions are made, the rest of the babies will be offered for sale.  Payment plans are also available.


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